ByalaSearch combines thorough industry knowledge and breadth of experience with an unusual degree of accessibility and personalized attention from the topmost levels of our company. As a result, we help our clients build powerful and passionate teams that perform, deliver and last.

A highly selective boutique firm specializing in the education and not-for-profit sectors, ByalaSearch seeks to find the perfect cultural fit between client and candidate – and create strategic relationships that work on many levels.

ByalaSearch gets results by:

>> Ensuring time- and cost-effectiveness
We know how highly the education and not-for-profit sectors value both their money and their time. ByalaSearch is committed to running cost-effective searches that minimize our clients’ time for maximum impact. Because we work in an environment with low overhead, we absorb indirect costs that might otherwise be billed to the client.

>> Guaranteeing personalized attention
Principal and founder Lisa Lustgarten Byala is personally involved in every step of each search. She partners with researchers, philanthropic consultants, and other strategic players creating a highly customized team of experts that responds quickly and nimbly to each client’s needs.

>> Offering rigorous follow-through
We believe that a vital part of the search takes place after a successful candidate is selected. ByalaSearch distinguishes itself by its detail-oriented involvement in the negotiation process ensuring that client and candidate are satisfied. In addition, we follow up with placements and clients after the search is completed to assure a smooth and successful transition.

>> Building long-lasting relationships
Driven by common culture, shared passions, and mutual understanding, the education and not-for-profit sectors thrive on solid, long-lasting relationships. ByalaSearch does too. We look at core competencies and beyond to character and culture-resulting in lasting placements/connections. Many of our clients are repeat customers and many of our successful placements become our clients.