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The position:
Head of Technology Transfer for an Ivy League university

The search:
Lisa Byala, along with the client, decided to target two pools of candidates: private-sector candidates who had built partnerships between business and academia; and academic-sector candidates who were leading technology transfer initiatives on university campuses. Once candidates were evaluated in person, we provided the client with detailed written evaluations of the candidates including core competencies, skills and experience, and compensation requirements. With written evaluations in hand, the client was better able to make side-by-side comparisons as well as seek consensus.

The results:
The process resulted in the identification of an ideal placement with a combination of experience in both sectors who had previously served in technology commercialization positions for major research institutions both in the U.S. and abroad. Because the successful candidate was relocating from overseas, the offer and, subsequently, the contract, were highly detailed and complex. We worked closely with client and candidate to negotiate an offer package acceptable to both parties.