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The position:
Executive Director of Development for a leading business school

The search:
To fill a newly established position under a new dean, ByalaSearch worked with the client, a major research university, to identify two models of candidates: a fundraiser from a business or other professional school within a university; or a regional major gifts officer in higher education. The successful candidate would manage school-based priorities while working effectively with the university’s central development office. To gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s environment and the team they were seeking to build, ByalaSearch met with key leaders at both the business school and the development office. As candidates were vetted, we held regularly scheduled update calls with the client and sent written presentations of candidates.

The results:
The ideal placement emerged in a candidate who combined a career in high-level sales and marketing in the financial services and public relations sectors with a number of years of development in higher education. By all measures, the candidate was deemed – and has proven to be – an ideal cultural fit. ByalaSearch took references and negotiated an appropriate offer that fit the client’s parameters and the candidate’s goals.